Power Play Centre

Kingston Ball Hockey Club

Time Keepers play an important part of our League!


Job Description

Arrive 10 min prior to Game-Time

Make sure Time Clock and Laptop Computer are set up and working properly

Verify that game sheets are correct and check for suspensions

Verify white board is correct – update if not

Make sure pinnies are available if needed

Have first aid kit available on bench

Prior to game; have captains verify what players are playing

Record Goals, Assists, Penalties and Time on the game sheet, and update Pointstreak (computer)

Eyes and Ears are open to the play; your opinion matters and at times is required to decision making process; example – incident reports.

Have Captains review goals, assists & penalties & sign off on at the end of the game

Have officials print their names on the game sheet at the end of the game

At the end of each night; Lock Nets and bring the following items back downstairs; Time Clock, Computer, Pinnies, Pens, First Aid Kits, and Game Sheets


Time Keeper

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