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Kingston Ball Hockey Club

                Time Keepers play an important part of our League!


Job Description

q       Take out time clock-set up-verify operational 

q       Prepare game sheets with printed out team rosters

q       Verify suspensions are current

q       Verify white board is correct- update if not


q       Verify need for pinnies and have them ready


q       Have first aid kit available on bench


q       Prior to game have captains verify what players are on bench

q       Notify ref if suspended players are on bench


q       Record goals, assists penalties and time of as presented to you by the ref. Verify

           players numbers are consitant with the game sheet

q       Record Shots on net.


q       Eyes and ears open to the play, your opinion matters and at times is required to                          assist in decision making process re: incident reports.   


q       Have captains review goals, assists & penalties & sign off on at the end of the game

q       Have officials print their names on the game sheet at end of game


q       Bring in at end of night-game sheets, pens, time clock, first aid kit & pinnies


q       Unplugging clock from wall at end of the night



Rate of Pay is based on what Division you are working in. We're looking at hiring Junior Time Keepers for Spring 2011!

paid cash bi-weekly

Time Keeper Clinic: Sunday April 1, 2012  12-2pm

$40.00 for clinic, gauranteed to make your money back and then evaluated.


CPIC required

$15.00 fee will be reimbursed when we reseive report & receipt.

                                                  Apply for CPIC by clicking on picture

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