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Kingston Ball Hockey Club

                Time Keepers play an important part of our League!


Job Description

q       Take out time clock-set up-verify operational 

q       Prepare game sheets with printed out team rosters

q       Verify suspensions are current

q       Verify white board is correct- update if not


q       Verify need for pinnies and have them ready


q       Have first aid kit available on bench


q       Prior to game have captains verify what players are on bench

q       Notify ref if suspended players are on bench


q       Record goals, assists penalties and time of as presented to you by the ref. Verify

           players numbers are consitant with the game sheet

q       Record Shots on net.


q       Eyes and ears open to the play, your opinion matters and at times is required to                          assist in decision making process re: incident reports.   


q       Have captains review goals, assists & penalties & sign off on at the end of the game

q       Have officials print their names on the game sheet at end of game


q       Bring in at end of night-game sheets, pens, time clock, first aid kit & pinnies


q       Unplugging clock from wall at end of the night



Rate of Pay is based on what Division you are working in.

paid cash bi-weekly

CPIC required

$15.00 fee will be reimbursed when we reseive report & receipt.

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