Power Play Centre

Kingston Ball Hockey Club

Power Play Centre was awesome!!! We had our sons birthday party there and the kids had a terrific time! Besides playing ballhockey there were two airhockey tables, a fuzz ball table,basketball and ping pong. The price to rent the hall was very reasonable and the parents did not have to worry about a thing! We also got to bring in our own snacks/food. I would totally recommend Power Play Centre for your next party or event, I know I will be going back!

Thanks Corinna for making Sam's party a memorable one!!! See you again soon.





I am very pleased that there is a way to stay in contact with my
entire team by using the Locker Room site link, without having to get
a hundred different phone numbers, and not everyone has facebook. It
is a great way to find out who will be attending games, compare stats,
and even having a little fun with voting for the 3 stars of each game.
Great site!

Jason Gatto



My son Matthew Monte has really enjoyed playing in the spring season
at the powerplay centre. he loves your cool website and finds it
really interesting to track his stats online. He has had a lot of fun
and plans to play in the summer season.  Thanks to all of your
sponsors for all of their support.

John Monte



 I am writing this letter to express how important the last several weeks of ball hockey at the Power Play Centre have been to my son Mac and my family. 

Mac and I are around the Power Play Centre often and we saw the sign that the Power Play Centre would be inviting kids to play ball hockey for free.  Immediately I wanted to sign Mac up.  Mac endured a medical set back early in life that has kept him on the sidelines for many years and for us this was a chance to enter him into a safe, controlled and fun organized sport and at no cost to us.  Needless to say, Mac is now playing into the mid-season and looks forward to his hockey game every Saturday morning.  I can’t say enough about Corinna and the staff at the Power Play Centre.  You can really see the passion and commitment that goes into organizing a league like this and I can’t thank them enough.

We feel that all of the sponsors for this season’s ball hockey league deserve a thank-you because without their funding a lot of these kids may not have ever had the opportunity to play.  We would like to extend a special thanks to Nadeau Reality who sponsors Mac’s team, the Ninja’s.

I think this ball hockey league at the Power Play Centre means a lot to these kids and it means a lot to the parents who are now given an affordable way for their child to play an organized sport at a great facility.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this.


Ian and Jennifer O’Coin


On behalf of the Peewee Tay Hawks Players’ and Parent’s would like to Thank-you for having this Power Play Centre so well  organized ,  and I know that my son really enjoyed the outdoor ball hockey.

You and Your Staff did a great job !! 

Many Thanks.

Jane Bertrim ( Conner Bertrim Morgan ) TayHawks Peewee  # 36

I just wanted to congratulate the PPC for the fantastic job
they are doing for the kids. Everything from the website to the refs
is topnotch!! Thanks for your hardwork and dedication. Can't wait for
the next season.

I just wanted to offer a thank you for an excellent experience with ball hockey at the Power Play Centre.   My son is 10 years old and is on the SpeedPro Atom team.   The league was well run, the coaches were great and the owner so enthusiastic about everything!.   All this positive energy translated to a positive experience for our son and the entire family watching at the outdoor facilities.   Something about watching the ball hockey outside on a beautiful day made it a great family experience so thank you,
Darlene Johnson


By the way, I love all the changes to the website. A lot of really cool features, and it really adds to the fun of playing.

A couple new rules in the league that will take some getting used to, mainly the high stick when calling for a pass, and mandatory gloves. I understand why they were implemented, it will just be a bit of a learning curve. Gotta keep things safe.

Thanks again.



We are also going to register him again in your spring session...he
loved it and loved his coaches.  Thanks for a great job!!


Tiny Tot Mom,

Amy Gibson


Luv the new game day stats on the website




Corinna and her staff at the Power Play Center are fabulous to deal with and the energy she puts into everything she does is catching.  It's a great place for kids of all ages to have fun while making new friends and getting some much needed exercise. They are also good corporate citizens who get involved in the local community.

Good luck for the coming season.


Robert Friendship

Speedpro Signs


My son Kaiden Boyce loves playing every week, I think you and all the helpers are doing a great job. The only complaint he has had was this week when one of the younger helpers put on the goalie equipment and just layed across the bottom of the net and they had no chance of scoring. Gets frustrating for them when they don't have the ability to raise the ball in the top half of the net . Other then that he loves the games and even enjoys the drills. He also thought it was amazing when Superman showed up and played with them, he smiled all week.
Thanks again for all the hard work
Matthew Boyce


My son Aiden is having a great time.  He seems to really like playing this and it is the first sport he seems really excited about.   You are all doing a great job!   Tina Almeida


AJ likes his hockey every week.  he's exited every week when we get there.  the program seems to be going well, he's gradually getting the concept of the drills.  will there be another program for his age when this one is done? 


 Just to let you know our boys are always keyed up to go to ball hockey and they do leave happy too!  They're at different levels yet they both have tremendous fun and the coaches really make it so...it's great to watch as a mom.  

 Connor is more involved in hockey and still does power skating and 4-on-4, so he gets to work on his stick handling at ball hockey.  Scoring goals doesn't hurt either ;-)   Our youngest, Charlie, is sometimes inclined to play goalie - we let him know that other kids like to have a turn making the big saves...he's come a long way from just hanging out to running after the ball and getting into the game.  

Thanks so much for all your hard work and effort to help these kids enjoy hockey in the fresh air. It's a fabulous program and it's done very well for our boys who are at different stages of play raise the level of their game.  Well done!  

Hockey Rules!  

 Christine Ford


Pandora is really enjoying the ball hockey program, and excitedly looks forward to it every week.  My wife Jen is who brings her back and forth each week, and i allways get a full report of how great it was as soon as she gets home, or sometimes the next day (I know ball hockey can be really exhausting too!!)  
The facilities you have there are amazing, I've never seen the like before, and you seem to have a good group of coaches... I think you can look forward to seeing more of Pandora in future sessions... And now that I know that you guys are there, I'll probably attempt to join a team to get some play time in myself next summer...
Great Stuff!!
Ian Mulligan


Thanks, your league is going great! I heard a bunch of guys the other day saying they were impressed by how well organized it is!

Tom Feuerstake